Why Five Star?

Many companies will tell you that they are the best; you will come across that in all walks of life. 

If you are interested and you want to dig a little deeper, a lot of times the response will either be “Because, we are just the best!” Or, you will get some BS response that is confusing, or dreamed up, or completely pulled out of someone’s ass. 

As you will come to see, at Five Star Solutions we do things a little differently.

When it comes to our product we worry and obsess and tinker until we get it right. Once we think it is right, we test it over, and over, and over again. If it holds up to every scenario imaginable and everything we can possibly throw at it, then and only then will a product be released to you.  

It all starts with an idea that turns into a purposeful design. What does it need to do and why? We are into clean and simple design – bells and whistles are usually what goes to hell first. But most important in this area, we are also into making products look freaking awesome.  

The second important ingredient is the materials and parts we use. We are material experts with over 40 years of experience; we know what works and what doesn’t. Sure, if you sacrifice on quality and materials you can build to almost any price point. But please don’t be surprised if the product then falls apart, or looks like shit, or most likely both. Hence, you get what you pay for. We committed early on to using only the best available materials and parts for what we want to accomplish, on every product, every time. If we think it is necessary to use the $2 grommet instead of the $0.08 grommet, then we will not hesitate. Some things in life you can compromise on, others you absolutely cannot. We don’t build to a price point, we build every product until it outperforms expectations and is freaking awesome.  

Construction and workmanship are equally as important. There is a reason for every little detail being the exact way it is, talk to our designers if you get a chance. You might faint, but do it. Last but not least, the best ingredients in the world won’t do you any good if the cook is worthless. We have turned down and likely pissed off almost a dozen factories because the quality of the finished product was just not good enough. 

Again, we don’t build stuff so it’s as cheap as possible. We want our products to truly be a Five Star Solution for you. And freaking awesome. 

Exactly like Nothing else

"If you buy a cheap tool, you cry every time you use it.

 If you buy a good tool, you only cry once."

Wild Bill, Salt Lake City, UT  

"... my gun is pretty much sleeping in between two memory foam mattresses!"

Cassandra Y. (Seattle, WA), commenting on her small Durango case

"Over-engineered is an understatement!"

Jon F. (Jacksonville, FL), talking about his medium Grey Rock and Large Black Canyon case

"Hands down best gun case on the market!"

Rob B. (Virginia Beach, VA), on his small Black Canyon case

"... the quality is outstanding, I have to say this case is beyond badass!"

Ryan R. (Lincoln, NE), loving his medium Durango case

"Love this case, I cannot wait to get my hands on one of your duffel bags!"

Brian B. (Gilbert, AZ), comments on his medium Black Canyon case

"Holy crap, this thing is freaking awesome! Thank you Five Star!"

Kent S. (Salt Lake City, UT), talking about his large Pinedale case

"Got this as a birthday present from my daughter, best gift I've gotten in 20 years!"

Randall K. (Fort Collins, CO), talks about his medium Logan case